Terms of Service



Before any booking can be made we require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit unless otherwise stated, this deposit secures your Valet or Detail and also provides the customer with complete piece of mind that their Valet or Detail is booked and their slot will not be taken by anyone else. Deposits can be paid by via Cash, Bank Transfer or Card Payment.

£100 Deposit for ceramic coating

£15 Deposit for Detailing



We require a minimum of 24 hoursfor any cancellations, If you contact us before the 24 hour period then i will carry your deposit on until your rearranged date, If less than 24 hour notice is given then you may lose you deposit and will be required to pay another before another booking can be made.



If you have notified us that you are unable to attend your treatment and you have given us more than the required notice then you can simply call or email us to rebook your Valet or Detail, If you contact us after this 24 hour period then you will be required to pay another 25% NON REFUNDABLE deposit before any booking can be made.


Warranty & Durability claims

Any claims of product lifespan / durability are quoted by the product manufacturer and not Jack Fletcher Exclusive Detailing. In the event of a product failing before the quoted lifespan then we will carry out an investigation and also contact the product manufacturer to try and find out why the product has failed.

In the event that the customer has damaged the protective coating then this will be put down to customer error.

At the end of every treatment involving a Carnauba wax, Sealant, Ceramic based coating. The customer will be given a document containing the information regarding how to correctly care for their vehicle and their chosen Protection package.

All coatings that are backed by an accredited warranty do require an annual coating inspection to ensure correct maintenance is being carried out. Warranty may be void if correct aftercare is not given.


Child Seats

We would please ask that any child seats be removed before any work is carried out. We DO NOT remove child seats as we will not be held responsible for re-fitting. The reason behind this is simple. If there is an accident and we have fitted the child seat back after cleaning and there is a casualty, then we are responsible. We aren’t trained to fit child seats, so we do ask that they are removed prior to any Valeting / Detailing work is carried out.

If they are not removed, then we will clean around it.



We do ask that your boot is empty before being left with us, we have all heard horror stories regarding Valeting services where items of expensive clothing and other things have gone missing. We believe this keeps us in good steed and eliminates any risk if something is simply misplaced by the customer then we cannot be held responsible.


Vehicle Inspection Form

Before any work is carried out we will fill out a vehicle inspection form, this is a detailed inspection of the vehicle to be worked on.

This will include any scratches, marks or damage to the exterior & interior of the vehicle aswell as all work agreed including the agreed price.

This is to be signed by the customer before work being carried out. This keeps the customer up to date with the condition of their vehicle and covers us.

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